Friday, April 1, 2011

Mendut Temple Yogyakarta

Mendut Temple Yogyakarta
Mendut Temple Yogyakarta
Mendut Temple YogyakartaMendut Temple Yogyakarta

The Mendut temple, was also built in the 9th Century, and lies in Mendut village, just a short distance by bicycle from Borobudur. It is unique as it is one of the few (or perhaps the only) temples to feature a Buddha sitting in ‘western’ style and not the traditional lotus position.
Mendut older than Borobudur temple. Mendut is a Buddhist temple located in the village Mendut, Mungkid district, Magelang regency, Central Java, a few kilometers from Borobudur temple.
Mendut founded in the reign of King Indra Syailendra dynasty. Inside inscription that reads Karangtengah date 824 masehi, mentioned that the king Indra has built a shrine called wenuwana which means bamboo forests. By a Dutch archaeologist named J.G. de Casparis, this word is connected with Mendut.
Mendut Temple located 3 km to the east of the Borobudur Temple. Inside there Mendut 3 (three) large statue, which is :
1. Cakyamuni who was sitting cross-legged with your hands to turn the wheel of dharma.
2. Awalokiteswara as Bodhi Satwa help mankind. Awalokiteswara is a statue of Amitabha is on top of her crown, Vajrapani. He was holding a red lotus flowers placed in the palm of the hand.
3. Maitreya as the savior of the future human
Actual temple building materials are brick covered with natural stone. The building is located on a basement high, so that it looks more elegant and sturdy. Up stairs and the entrance facing southwest. In the basement there is the hallway that surrounds the body of the temple. The roof is three-tiered and decorated with small stupas. The number of small stupas built now numbers 48
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